Stannis rides an A-Rod Centaur

Andy Samberg and Lena Headey on stage at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards (x)

We do not really like flawed character we just like the idea of them

As a dude

I will never understand why some people think that somehow a girl can be “asking for it” based on what she wears. Is there anything stupider than that? Guys walk around in skinny jeans that they are wearing halfway down their legs and people never think that they are asking for it. We don’t dismiss other crimes as people asking for it,why is it that rape is something someone can be asking for? It doesn’t matter if someone is walking around naked nobody is ‘asking’ to be assaulted and yet people still go with this idea that if she is drunk or dressing a certain way that she is somehow doing something wrong, it just boggles my mind that this is something that women have to deal with. But its something so engrained in our society that even women think this kind of thing.

Went to the Yankees game for Earle’s 30th.

Went to the Yankees game for Earle’s 30th.

I went to my first ever Patriots game with my mom and brother.


Mark Teixeira challenges Jacoby Ellsbury to a race.


SGA rewatch 2k14 - I filed a report anyways.”